We chat with Anita Lee, a film-maker based in Australia who wrote and directed her first ever film, Only One which will be screening at our festival. Here, we discussed how writers relate to the characters they create, the best part about making this film and the funding program this film was part of.

Only One (australia) trailer interview

A quick introduction of yourself and your film ‘Only One’.

My name is Anita Lee and I am the director of the short film, Only One. Only One is the first film that I have written and directed.

What was the best part of your experience with making this film?

Definitely the best part of making the film was seeing the words that you have spent so long writing in script format, be realised. We had an amazing cast and crew who were incredibly generous with their time and expertise to contribute to bringing the vision that I had in mind to life. Each person that came onboard taught me how to be a better director and filmmaker.

As the writer of the film, do you relate to the character in the film and the questions it asks?

As a writer you can’t help but draw from your experiences and values.

Only One (australia) trailer interview

The character Alex was imagined from my own experiences of being a single female in my late 20’s. It can be a lonely and confusing path when you are single and happiness seems to always be connected to being in a romantic relationship. I thought what would it be like if there was another way in which people could find a way of completing themselves, besides a dating service.

I wanted to explore how people try to find themselves in a relationship, rather than trying to find completeness within themselves.

How did you gain funding for this film and was there any challenges in this you overcame?

My script was accepted as part of Metro Screen’s First Breaks program, which gave us some funding to start the film. With my producers, Joel Bell and Anna Hynek, we used the crowdfunding website, Pozible to raise more money to pay some of our actors and cast.

Only One (Australia)
Anita Lee

Only One (Australia) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now