xander robin interview 2012 no gloss film festival leeds

Xander’s films capture the dysfunction of human emotion and reaction in such raw detail they almost verge on horror – horrifying because it’s crazy, crazy because of the force of its realism.

Post Fracas with its perfect portrayal of family dysfunction and The Virgin Herod’s intense showcase of anxiety – these films turn the feeling of discomfort and madness into something that is almost tangible, you come away with a strange taste in your mouth – familiarity. Watch the teaser for Virgin Herod here.

We sent some questions over to this young American director to understand his influences and preferred working style. Here’s what he’s got to say:

xander robin interview 2012 no gloss film festival leeds

1. A few lines about yourself:

22 year old writer/director/cinematographer/editor living in big bad Brooklyn trying to create prolifically before I run out of outrageous ideas. After graduating film school, I finally started reading again.

2. Present and Future

Writing/directing/producing a short in August based on a feature screenplay I have been writing for two years (romantic hair pulling/eating body horror with a soul soundtrack). The short is a proof of concept/actors/crew to potential investors & to myself. In between that I am starting to get into directing music videos and have a part time job working in post-production. I hope to be finishing the feature film by 25. Turning 23 this fall.

xander robin interview 2012 no gloss film festival leeds

3. Kubrick or Waters: 

Kubrick. You never get over your first love.

4. Analog or digital: 

At a certain point it doesn’t really matter, and actually being able to make the damn thing with minimal compromise takes precedence. If the budget is big enough, then the format should be dictated by the story and shooting logistics. I saw a film that was shot in Barrow, Alaska that couldn’t have been shot digitally; the cameras would freeze up & the white snow would lack detail. We used the RED ONE at school and shooting RAW gives you a lot of flexibility; while the Arri Alexa does beautiful work in low light. A lot of great films have been popping up recently that were shot on 16mm. And we’re all editing digitally. I would still like to shoot my first feature on 35mm.

5. Function and dysfunction: 

I love to glorify failure. It keeps the FUN in dysfunction. Function is for schoolhouse rock.


The Virgin Herod and Post Fracas will be screened No Gloss Film Festival, UK this 8-9 September 2012. Photo of Xander by Jacob Abrams.