“IndieFlix is excited to partner with the No/Gloss Film Festival given our shared dedication to supporting talented filmmakers from all walks of life. We’re proud to support a festival that is taking a stripped down, authentic approach to showcasing the best and truest independent films from around the world.” – IndieFlix

“I love the exposure you gave Line of Sight last year” – Lucas Brunelle, Line of Sight (USA)

[…] the story of film is not a story of individuals and, especially in the case of the independent sector, it requires communities and networks of talent to make it so, but it also requires festivals and programmes like No/Gloss to hold it all together.” – Chris Shack

“Great work on putting this whole thing together, I for one really appreciate the work you are doing.” – Mike Staniforth, Shelter (UK)

The organisers have pulled out all the stops to bring Leeds an arts festival with a strong philosophy that utilises and supports local business and culture. ” – CultureVulture

No/Gloss is a community that invites film makers to share their work and experiences, does not judge film makers on what school they went to or what camera they filmed on its a home for creative stories – a warm and welcoming festival where you can have a beer and talk to people about films. “- Jim Martin, Eleanor (UK)

… an amazing fest. I had already gotten a couple of Facebook friend requests based on the screenings“- Danny Plotnick, Skate Witches (USA)

Increasingly it feels that film festivals place the emphasis on existing relationships and star power over the content of film and as such audiences are deprived of the opportunity to discover new films from undiscovered talent. The No/Gloss festival is about giving power back to the audience and giving new filmmakers the opportunity to connect with film fans. As such we’re absolutely thrilled that we have been selected and can’t wait to introduce Lad to a Leeds audience, especially as our film has had such a huge amount of support from the community.” – Dan Hartley, Lad: A Yorkshire Story

A fantastic festival” – Jamie Arden, Scarecrow (UK)

THAT’S AMAZING!!!! WOW! so honored to be a part of it!” – Michael Rousselet, 5SecondFilms (USA)

Festival was a blast!“- Adam Greenwood, Applemachine (UK)

I can’t wait until the next one, it has started small so next time I imagine it will bigger and better” – LeedsOnline

Amazing!!“- Joel Blackledge, Your Head Is My Head (UK)