This website is used to detail the progress of the festival, and provide more information about it. We also use the blog as a place for the team to share interesting relevant stuff from tumblr or stuff found on the internet that we find inspiring, funny, intriguing or worth mentioning. This may be things such as commentary on directors we admire, a review, a citation of or a reference to a film or screenplay, funny GIFs and so on.

Sometimes we interview people. The views expressed by the people we interview, belong to the respective interviewed individuals and is not shared by the organizers or supporters of the festival.

Unless explicitly stated, the content we post on our blog is not part of the screening / festival. If they are, we will ensure that they will be clearly labelled.

All content is linked back to the source where we first found it and credited where credit is found. Unless otherwise stated, we do not claim any work featured here as ours. Copyright belong to the respective owners of those respective works.

If you would like your content removed, do let us know and we’ll take it down quickly