We are so humbled that there so many more film-makers and industry members from far and wide attending the film fest this year. As a film festival, audience development is important to us and we want to encourage accessibility and closer engagement between film-makers and film lovers alike, that there is no “us and them”, and encouraging dialogue and interaction about the work being presented – all this within our friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This is why we have listed all the filmmakers, industry and related delegates below.

If you are attending the festival this year, please do not be afraid to strike up a conversation with your favorite filmmakers in person to find out more about their work or network with the industry members that we have invited to the festival. These delegates will have a distinctive NGFF lanyard on so you can spot them pretty easily. Remember, we have our afterparty / chillout / networking session at the Northern Monk Refectory after the last film ends on the Saturday of the festival – it will be a great evening to unwind, relax and network.
Show your wristband at the Northern Monk Refectory bar and receive 10% off.

Filmmakers / Actors / Producers / Related

Aaron Dunleavy – The Truants (UK)
Abi Timmins – Conscience (UK)
Adam Smith – The Backseat (UK)
Alexander Carson – O, Brazen Age (Canada)
Ash Morris – Margie’s Garden (UK)
Cati and Mike Gonzalez – EKAJ (USA)
Christy Coysh – Busking Turf Wars (UK)
Hannah Gautrey – Brainwash (UK)
Iqbal Mohammed – Three Minute Warning (UK)
Jessica Williams – Conscience (UK)
John Lynch – Eddie (UK)
Kathryn Hanke – The Art Bastard Show (UK)
Marco Reekers – No Future (Netherlands)
Mark Trifunovic – Busking Turf Wars (UK)
Moerlen Matthieu – Itaewon (South Korea)
Moin Hussain – Holy Thursday (UK)
Nathan Glendinning – Leon (UK)
Nicholas Marc Padley – GENE (UK)
Peter Trifunovic – Busking Turf Wars (UK)
Prano Bailey-Bond – NASTY (UK)
Steffen Geypens – Hold Back (Belgium)
Theresa Varga – Bossman (UK)
Tom Werber – Fumes (UK)
Tomisin Adepeju – Marianne (UK)

Industry / Media / Related

British Urban Film Festival Organisers
London Short Film Festival Representative
Sky #LeedsTechHub – Women in Technology Event Organiser
The State of The Arts
Leeds Student TV
+ more

Delegates may change or update their schedules, therefore attendance cannot be 100% guaranteed.