Here it is, the online version of the 2012 programme for No/Gloss Film Festival. Just click to open the programme in full screen. Once in fullscreen, you can use the buttons at the top of the screen to zoom in or out or flip to the next page. Links in the programme are clickable, and the film posters in the programme have viewable trailers – just watch out for the “eye” symbols. We will also have copies of the programme in physical zine format, that will be handed out at the festival to ticket holders at the door.

Click to open programme

*we may update the programme at any time.

Additional Events at No Gloss Film Fest:

Saturday 8th September

  • Gloss This – CBloxx and friends – 5 street artists will be doing live street art on easels and canvasses on the 1st day
    [more info + photos]
  • DIY distro Fictions of Every Kind at No Gloss Film Festival:  Experience self-funded films, books and zines!!   [more info + photos]

Sunday 9th September

  • Loosely Bound Zine Collective will have a zine stall at No Gloss Film Festival on the 2nd day. Featuring over 20 zine titles to feast your eyes on. [more info + photos]


Buy tickets now. Early-bird have now GONE and weekend tickets are selling very very fast, and tickets are only available online so make sure you grab them to guarantee entry! Check in at the facebook event page to keep updated. :)