- Submissions are open to both local and international film-makers.
- Submissions is free and you can submit as many films as you want.

Please only submit work that is yours and ensure you read our terms and conditions, rules and legal information set out in this page. Upon submission, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to all guidelines, terms and legal information provided.

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- Submission dateline: JUNE 2014
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Submission Guidelines

Please kindly observe the following guidelines. Films submitted with missing information or not following the guidelines may risk being missed for screening consideration:
- When submitting online, ensure we are able to view the film and if selected for screening, we need to be able to download it for screening
- You must accept the terms and conditions set out in the legal page before submitting your films. When you submit your films you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to all guidelines, terms and legal information provided.
- For physical formats submissions please scroll down
- Do not submit pornographic or offensive material or items containing unauthorised work.
- We also do not accept content that is racially abusive, sexist, homophobic or religious in nature.

Required info to include with your film submission:

- State the title of the film

- Its length / running time

- A brief synopsis without giving too much away.

- Include a link to an online screener where possible. If the online screener link is set to private please don’t forget to include the password.

- ONE image still / screenshot from the film (recommended 600px wide)

- The director / producer / scriptwriter / cast

- What did you use to make it

- A little bit about yourself: where you’re from, why you made this film, inspirations, anything you want to tell us about yourself or your work

- Don’t forget your name & email address for us to get back to you

- OPTIONAL: If you have a trailer, include the link to it in your submission


Electric Indigo (Belgium)

Physical format submissions:

For the sake of convenience and cost-efficiency, we prefer submissions online but if you would like to submit using physical formats eg DVDs, or CDs (we cant accept VHS/DV tapes sorry) please contact us first. Submission rules, terms and guidelines still apply.

Thanks! We’ll review your submission and will get in touch with you if the film has been selected for screening.

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